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2017 International Culture Exposition at Remote Elementary School

Over a long period of time, Dong Hwa University has offered full-English courses for international students to promote internationalization of the campus. The English - taught course "Introduction of Taiwan" is one of the courses that is offered for all undergraduate students. The instructor of the course is Dr. Cheng - Hsiung Lu who is always willing to present Taiwan cultures and international understanding via cross - cultural curriculum in his class. Furthermore, the teaching results are transformed into presentable cross - cultural event held at the remote schools to display extravaganza of diverse cultures for schoolchildren, Taiwanese and international students.

2017 Taiwan、Japan Culture Workshop Shiny Inaugurated

"Taiwan、Japan Culture Workshop" was held at Education College on March 15, 2017. This event was sponsored by Hsing Wu University, Kyoai Gakuen University, and National Dong Hwa University. With the resources of three universities, international cultural communication is linked accordingly. The invited honorable guests include Dr. Ming - Chou Liu, Chair of Education Department; Dr. Te - Sheng Chang, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs; Dr. Chin - Wen Fan, Dean of Education College; Dr. Chin - Peng Chu, Vice President who is also invited to make the opening remarks.