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About NDHU
On August 1, 2008, National Dong Hwa University integrated with the then National Hualien University of Education marking a new milestone for the University. The synergy effect of integration expanded National Dong Hwa University’s academic disciplines and strengthened its research. Regarding the history of the University, it could be traced from the two campuses in Shoufeng and Meilun.
Shoufeng, Hualien Meilun, Hualien
National Dong Hwa University was founded in July 1994 with the planning stage started three years earlier.

In October 1991, the National Dong Hwa University Planning Office was established in Shoufeng, Hualien, by the Ministry of Education as part of its mission to foster the balanced regional development of Taiwan through the even distribution of higher education systems in the north, south, east and west of the island. Professor Paul Tzung-Tsan Mu was appointed to head the Office and led the development of plans for eastern Taiwan's first comprehensive university.

Taiwan Hualien Junior Normal College was founded on October 27, 1947, with Professor Fan-Jian Lin as the founding President. The College was located on Mount Hua Gang in Hualien City offering two-year and four-year normal classes.

In 1949, the Affiliated Primary School of Taiwan National Hualien Junior Normal College was established to provide a training ground for the College's students.

The earthquake in October 1951 badly damaged most of the school buildings and the restoration took almost two years to complete.

Checheng, Ping-Tung
National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA) is an institution dedicated to public education and research of marine biology. Besides aquarium exhibitions, the museum also aims for survey, collection, preservation and study of marine organisms around Taiwan. In addition to basic scientific research, NMMBA strives for the development of marine biotechnology and related products as well. In the meantime, National Dong Hwa University has proposed the School of Marine Science in the Planning Book when the university was founded.