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Sabah Law Society Members Paying Visit to Discuss Indigenous Rights

Center of International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA) has been dedicated to supporting National Dong Hwa University's (NDHU) internalization since its foundation in the year of 2014. In conformance with the academic goal and spirits of the College of Indigenous Studies (CIS), CIIA has made a lot of excellent achievements in the field of international exchanges. Along with the academic exchanges and cooperation with experts and researchers from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the USA, Hawaii, Finland, Norway, and so on, CIIA also focuses on the exchanges of experiences of rights from different indigenous peoples over the world. The Director of CIIA, Bavaragh Dagalomai / Jolan Hsieh (謝若蘭), paid her visit to and had a speech at Sabah Law Society's Conference in Malaysia earlier this year and got an enthusiastic response. Active interaction with dialogue came after Prof. Hsieh's speech, the members of Sabah Law Society showed highly interested in indigenous rights in Taiwan. This month, they formed a delegation including four respectful Datuks, judges and lawyers to come to Taiwan with the intention of a further and deeper exchange and discussion of indigenous rights with the aid of CIIA.

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Intercollegiate Cooperation Setting foot in Finland to Have an Academic Exchange on International Human Rights

Professors of National Dong Hwa University (NDHU), Dr. William Hui-Yen Hsu (徐揮彥,Chairperson of Institute of Financial and Economic law in College of Humanity and Social Science) and Dr. Jolan Hsieh / Bavaragh Dagalomai (謝若蘭,Director, Center of International Indigenous Affairs in College of Indigenous Studies) , were invited to participate in series of international human rights forums as well as academic exchanges to Finland at the University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University in Truku early this month. Their visit and exchanges with local universities have enhanced the possibility of further partnerships and cooperation.

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