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Guarding indigenous peoples and traditional territory:A global solidarity effort

The Center for International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA) at NDHU invited Native American Director Myron Dewey (Newe-Numah/Paiute-Shoshone) and indigenous rights attorney Patrick Kincaid (Cheyenne) to Hualien for film screening and workship. Following the screening of Myron's directorial film Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock and a vibrant Q & A session, a socail gathering was hosted by CIIA for students, faculty members and community memebrs to continue and deepen the discussion about enviornmental justice issues.

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Really Deserved!Taiwan - New Zealand Connection Project was selected for the 2018 Successful Bilateral Exchange Program!

The "Taiwan – New Zealand Aotearoa Indigenous Higher Education Connection" Project from National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) has been selected as 2018 Successful Bilateral Exchange in Colleges and Universities case.

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