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2016 International Culture Exposition at the Remote School
Published : 2016-06-08

Opening session of the cultural performance

As a course in the general education of Dong Hwa University, the English - taught course "Introduction of Taiwan" is offered for all undergraduate students. The instructor of the course is Dr. Cheng - Hsiung Lu who is devoted to promote Taiwanese cultures and international understanding via cross - cultural curriculum in his class. Further, the teaching results are transformed into presentable cross - cultural event held at the remote school to enlighten the global cultural awareness of the schoolchildren and construct the communication bridge between Taiwanese and international students.

Mazurka dancing shared in the event

Besides, Dong Hwa University has successfully established a diverse culture campus with abundant foreign students. As they study at the Chinese Language Center, they present themselves as a showcase for international cultures. As Dr. Lu leads them of 15 nationalities such as Indonesia, Mongolia, India, France, Saint Kitts and Nevis, India, Malaysia, Gambia, to perform in the Wen Lan Elementary School, the multicultural extravaganza of student's talents really arouse the audiences' passion to learn different cultures of the world.

As pictures show, the 2016 international culture exposition is held in Wen Lan Elementary School enhancing the curiosity and interest for the young schoolchildren and their counterpart university students to achieve a memorable experience of encountering each other.


Picture of the visiting university students and the local schoolchildren

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