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On the Integration of Holistic Education and Handwriting Program at Dong Hwa University
Published : 2018-05-28
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Center for Teaching Excellence at National Dong Hwa University administered Autonomous Learning Program, providing resources for students to have diverse and flexible accesses to learning and practicing outside the formal curriculum. Taking advantages of this program, Huang, You Zhen, Li, Jia Jing, Li, Ni Zhen and other students at the Department of Special Education initiated Handwriting Practicing and Potential Development Program. After discussing with the instructor, Lin, Guan Jie, they decided three core goals of this program: autonomous action, interactive communication, and societal participation.

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I.Autonomous Action

By keeping Learning Diary, students tried to make it clear the obstacle blocking the learning of handwriting knowledge and skills. By means of meditation activities, individual's attention, joy, keenness, complete awareness and willpower were enhanced. The parallel excellence of mind and body was realized.

II.Interactive Communication

First, Cooperative Learning was applied to foster students' communication and interaction, which simultaneously increased individual learning effects and reached group goals. Second, students were required to upload their homework to Facebook. This made use of the immediate interactive function of the Internet social forum to enable peer review, which in turn cultivate students' aesthetic feelings of handwriting.

III.Societal Participation

As the Chinese saying goes, "goal-setting is important for a man and perseverance is important for learning", being certain to one's goal and being tough to all the challenges will bring the fruit of success. However, back to the essence of learning, in addition to the acquisition of personal ability, putting the learned into practice and making contribution to the society are equally important. Therefore, Li, Hui Ting and Lin, Yi, Jun at the Department of Early Childhood Education followed the instructor Lin, Guan Jie, to assist the teaching in the Calligraphy Club at Jhih Syue Elementary School. During the process of helping, they also learned how to be a teacher.

"Practice makes perfect" but Lin further added that to learn to write beautifully, aside from practicing, correct understanding about knowledge and ways to knowledge helps yield the results with half the efforts. Moreover, personality, habit, attitude and life management are also decisive factors to success.

For more information about handwriting teaching and learning, please refer to 〈〉

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Updated : 2018-05-28
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