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2018 Department of Computer Science Senior Project Exhibition
Published : 2018-06-13

National Dong Hwa University Department of Computer Science senior project exhibition was held on the 3rd Floor of Engineering Building II on June 1st, 2018, with a total of 31 teams participated in this exhibition. The exhibition was divided into 2 categories. Program of Multimedia and Intelligent Computing and Program of Network and System. All teachers and students were welcome to visit.


The students participated in a wide range of applications. In the Program of Network and System Category, there were Applications and Discussions of Deep Learning in Financial Market and Searching Implement in Chinese Surrounding Board Game, while, "Train Ticket Segment Inquiry System" and "Ironmet" were applications in the Program of Multimedia and Intelligent Computing category. All these programs were proven to be helpful for the native residents.

We were honored to invite Prof. Zhan Yizong from Fo Guang University Department of Applied Informatics, Prof. Du Xinzhi from Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology and Prof. Liu Ruizhen from Tzu Chi University Department of Medical Informatics as syndics in this exhibition. All the students performed well in demonstrating their projects as well as reporting it.


The winning teams in the category of Program of Multimedia and Intelligent Computing are "Catch your CHORD" and "NDHU MARKET" which both did "TEL booking robot", and "10x10 Chinese Surrounding Board Game." And the winning teams in the category of Intelligent Computing and Program of Network are "Zilex Monitor System" and "CAPTSHA-Like". They did "Next Page Prediction/MIDAS Prediction Tentative" and "Train Ticket Segment Inquiry System" respectively.

The winning teams overall are "CHORD" (Program of Multimedia and Intelligent Computing) and "Ironmet" (Intelligent Computing and Program of Network), both teams won 32 votes and 75 votes respectively.

The students of CSIE are very creative and full of curiosity. In every year's exhibition, there are always new ideas for projects by students. In the future, more activities like this will be created so that students can have more opportunities showcase their abilities and creativity and allow them to learn how to cooperate with each other to build a better future.

Updated : 2018-06-16
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