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2018 Dr. Y.T. LIN Memorial Scholarship Recipients Announced!
Published : 2018-09-27

Recipients of the 2018 Dr. Y.T. LIN Memorial Scholarship have been announced. The Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA)have announced the recipients of the 2018 Dr. Y.T. Lin Memorial Scholarship today(Sep. 20th 2018). The recipients are Kulas‧Umo(Amis)and Lregan Pakawyan(Pinuyumayan). Both are studying at the College of Indigenous Studies(CIS)at National Dong Hwa University(NDHU). Each recipient was awarded a certificate with a scholarship of NT$30,000(US$1,000).

The scholarship was established in 2014 commemorating Dr. Lin's long-term promotion of the advancement of indigenous identity and consciousness and to encourage students' passion in indigenous community-based activism in Taiwan. The recipients were selected after careful evaluation and consideration of their ethnic, gender, social and academic background. The Evaluation Committee specifically stated that compared with other outstanding applicants, Kulas‧Umo and Lregan Pakawyan had not only excellent academic scores but also demonstrated an ability in indigenous cultural development.

In addition to his active participation in school activities, Kulas.Umo has long been passionate about tribal affairs as well as indigenous rights issues. He often writes articles with a critical perspective and has been quoted in online media which has had a profound influence on indigenous peoples as well as the general public.

It wasn't until Lregan Pakawyan entered CIS at NDHU that she had discovered a deeper understanding of her indigenous culture. She participated in the CIS Indigenous Dance Troop and the Pinuyumayan Student Society and thus fostered her cultural sensitivity. Furthermore, she has a great interest in painting and design with indigenous elements. She hopes she can embrace her personal interests with her work to enable and enrich indigenous nations.

Since the Dr. Y.T. LIN Memorial Scholarship was established, there have been nearly 100 applicants from various universities with various indigenous backgrounds. In five years there have been ten recipients of the award and three finalists with special mention. The CIIA is grateful for the enthusiastic response to the Dr. Y.T. LIN Memorial Scholarship and call for more individual and business support scholarships for indigenous international affairs. CIIA Director Dr. Jolan Hsieh (Bavaragh Dagalomai 謝若蘭) confirmed that there will be a Ms. F.M. WU Memorial Scholarship next year which motivates students to actively engage and connect in local and global indigenous affairs.

Updated : 2018-09-27
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