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International Workshop for Taiwanese and Foreign Students to Share Their Cultures
Published : 2012-12-26

"The 2012 international workshop for NDHU students to visit Singapore" is held on December 14, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. In the workshop, 17 Taiwanese students who are minored in teacher education cultivation program are selected for overseas practicum in the winter vacation 2013, and 9 foreign students participate in this event with showcase of Indonesia, Mongolia, Poland, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Singapore, and Belize. The embedded theme of international culture communication is designed by Dr. Cheng-Hsiung Lu, Department of Curriculum, to promote participants' cultural awareness at the global setting. Thus, during the workshop, foreign students introduce their countries before their national flags, and Taiwanese students explain and create games of Taiwanese cultures such as shuttle cock, diabolo, Gods and worshipping procedures in the temple to act out activities with their foreign counterparts. As a result, both student parties enjoy a wonderful occasion to get across many different boundaries of cultures.

2012 News International Workshop
2012 News International Workshop
Updated : 2018-06-27
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