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Serving the Community
Published : 2012-09-01

Since its inception in 1994, National Dong Hwa University has not only strived to fortify its campus infrastructure and carry out its teaching and research responsibilities, but it has also initiated a variety of educational programs for extensive community outreach in Eastern Taiwan. In addition to offering a wide range of training and professional development opportunities that increase the availability of local human resources, the University also shares many of its resources, such as its library and athletic and teaching facilities with schools in the greater Hualien area. Faculty members also play an active role in local educational and cultural projects, lending their experience and guidance to a vast array of activities.

A particularly noteworthy area of endeavor carried out by the University is the services offered by the Center of Teacher Education. It provides in - service education and training for teachers and public employees in Eastern Taiwan.

Other than the educational aspect, the University is connected to the industries. The Research Center for Eastern Taiwan Industrial Development was established in April 1997 to utilize the University's academic resources in supporting and promoting industrial development in Eastern Taiwan. In April 1998, under the auspices of the Ministry of Economics, the Innovation Incubation Center was founded to offer professional consultation and the use of its research facility as a means of encouraging local small and medium - sized businesses to implement new technologies. In October 1999, the Council for Economic Development and Planning approved the establishment of the Biotechnology Incubation Center, through which the University cooperates with biotech businesses to develop new products.

Supported by the Ministry of Education, the University's Information and Network Center has been designated as the site of the Huadong Regional Network TANet (Taiwan Academic Network) Center serving over a geographical range of more than 400 kilometers, north to south, along Taiwan's eastern coast. It is also a regional center of Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network as supported by the National Center for High - Performance Computing.

Another noteworthy development that has been made in recent years at the University is the establishment of the National Dong Hwa University Language Center in the fall of 2001. Consisting of a traditional language classroom and a 50 - station multimedia language - learning facility, the Language Center not only assists the English Department and the Common Courses Division in the teaching of the University's comprehensive English - language courses, but also opens its doors to the university community five days a week for independent study.

Updated : 2018-09-20
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