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Published : 2012-09-01


Dong, in Chinese, means the east. Hwa, in the earliest existing collection of Chinese poems, Shi Jing, means a flower in bloom.

Name of NDHU


Logo of NDHU

The circular emblem symbolizes the union of the whole university. Adopting from the emblem of the former National Hualien University of Education, the colourful dancing flower signifies the sun and life, energy and enthusiasm. The green drawing is taken from the previous emblem of National Dong Hwa University visualizing a book, a mountain and a flying wing. Nurtured with knowledge, the growing seedling also stands for the University's prosperous development in eastern Taiwan.


Freedom, Democracy, Creativity and Excellence are the founding spirits of National Dong Hwa University. As summarized by the President, Professor Wen-Shu Hwang.

In a milieu characterized by freedom and democracy, we at National Dong Hwa University, pursue academic excellence and endeavor to contribute through our creativity to the advancement of culture and the welfare of people everywhere.

Spirits of NDHU

Updated : 2018-05-29
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