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Sabah Law Society Members Paying Visit to Discuss Indigenous Rights

Center of International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA) has been dedicated to supporting National Dong Hwa University's (NDHU) internalization since its foundation in the year of 2014. In conformance with the academic goal and spirits of the College of Indigenous Studies (CIS), CIIA has made a lot of excellent achievements in the field of international exchanges. Along with the academic exchanges and cooperation with experts and researchers from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the USA, Hawaii, Finland, Norway, and so on, CIIA also focuses on the exchanges of experiences of rights from different indigenous peoples over the world. The Director of CIIA, Bavaragh Dagalomai / Jolan Hsieh (謝若蘭), paid her visit to and had a speech at Sabah Law Society's Conference in Malaysia earlier this year and got an enthusiastic response. Active interaction with dialogue came after Prof. Hsieh's speech, the members of Sabah Law Society showed highly interested in indigenous rights in Taiwan. This month, they formed a delegation including four respectful Datuks, judges and lawyers to come to Taiwan with the intention of a further and deeper exchange and discussion of indigenous rights with the aid of CIIA.

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Intercollegiate Cooperation Setting foot in Finland to Have an Academic Exchange on International Human Rights

Professors of National Dong Hwa University (NDHU), Dr. William Hui-Yen Hsu (徐揮彥,Chairperson of Institute of Financial and Economic law in College of Humanity and Social Science) and Dr. Jolan Hsieh / Bavaragh Dagalomai (謝若蘭,Director, Center of International Indigenous Affairs in College of Indigenous Studies) , were invited to participate in series of international human rights forums as well as academic exchanges to Finland at the University of Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University in Truku early this month. Their visit and exchanges with local universities have enhanced the possibility of further partnerships and cooperation.

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Awards for Those Who Dedicated to Indigenous Education in World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium

The Annual General Meeting of World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium was successfully ended on 2nd August. During the consortium, WINHEC Circle of Honours were awarded to those who have been dedicated to education in the banquet night in Farglory Hotel.

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World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium Had Been Held Successfully in Taiwan

World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium (WINHEC), which consists of eight nations, was presided by Dr. Bavaragh Dagalomai (Jolan Hsieh, 謝若蘭), the director of Center of International Indigenous Affairs, College of Indigenous Studies, in Taiwan this year from 28th July to 2nd August, 2019. The duration of WINHEC 2019, including pre-meeting day, were six days in total. Over a hundred of participants who came as scholars, educators, and many local and foreign youths and elders who have been dedicated and interested in the area of indigenous education came from different nations worldwide and gathered together to discuss issues of indigenous education. This year, the election of new co-chair which is a three-year term position also took place in WINHEC 2019 in Taiwan. Dr. Jolan Hsieh was recommended by the representatives of member nation as the new co-chair. With the current chair, Dr. Elmer Guy from Navajo Technical University, they will lead WINHEC together in the succeeding years.

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Namoh Rata Receiving Honorary Doctorate from The World Indigenous Nations University

Each member country of World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium (WINHEC) nominates their honorary doctorates who have been through lifelong meritorious academic endeavors for the benefit of their own indigenous peoples to World Indigenous Nations University (WINU). And the awards are given in the annual consortium to praise their endeavors and thank their humble dedication. The nominees of this years are in a total number of nine: one from Alaska, two from Norway, two from Hawaii, three from Australia, and one from Taiwan. The nominee as well as the recipient of Honorary Doctorate from Taiwan goes to Amis teacher, Namoh Rata.

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CSIE International Students Spread Blessings to Orchid Island

Starting in 2011, the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering(Dept. of CSIE)of National Dong Hwa University(NDHU)established its English-taught Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degree programs for international students, and had been committed to international accreditation and cooperation in order to provide the best learning environment. Currently, the CSIE department includes international students from five different continents, with alumni spread around the world.

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Professors of Top Universities from New Zealand Came for a Visit and Exchange for Future Cooperation in Indigenous Studies

Center for Internaitonal Indigenous Affairs (hereinafter referred to as CIIA) hosted Dr. Linda Waimarie Nikora and her accompanies for visiting local communities and engaging in exchanges of local issues. Being their first time visiting Taiwan, the visit consisting of abundant experiences and fruitful conversations resulted in further willingness of cooperation on both parties.

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Administrators at University of Ottawa Visited NDHU in Talks for Future Inter-collegiate Collaboration

With the hope of promoting actual collaboration with aborigines abroad on academic research, NDHU's Center of International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA), managing to take advantage of its uniqueness and its mission, signed a memorandum on off-site courses, which are meant to allow visiting students opportunities to appreciate local Taiwanese culture through interaction with Taiwanese students, lectures by instructors with expertise and exposure to tribal activities.

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Dept of Computer Science & Information Engineering 2019 Undergraduate Independent Study Graduation Exhibition demonstrated students' creative ingenuity and development ability

The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (Dept of CSIE) at National Dong Hwa University hosted its 「Undergraduate Independent Study Graduation Exhibition」on May 31st, 2019 at the Science & Engineering Building II, Room A337. A total of 26 teams of CSIE domestic and foreign students participated in this exhibition. Teams were subdivided into"Multimedia and Intelligence Applications" and "Network and System Applications" groups. The exhibition was open to the public, and crowded with many students and professors.

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Taiwan – Aotearoa New Zealand Connection and Partnership

The Center for International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA) of National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) received the guests from Aotearoa New Zealand on April 20 to 22: Hon. Te Ururoa Flavell, the Chief Executive Officer of Te Wānanga o Aotearoa; Eddie Walker, the liaison to the Taiwan-Aotearoa Connection; and Basil Tapuke, the General Manager Trusts for Te Tumu Paeroa. With the visits to indigenous communities and meetings with related organizations and institutions, the friendship between Taiwan and Aotearoa New Zealand has been established more firmly.

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Understand the Past, March toward the Future: Truth and Reconciliation of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and Taiwan

The Director of Canada's National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation(NCTR), Ry Moran, was invited by the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei(CTOT)to visit Taiwan from March 24-27 to share his experience in promoting indigenous justice and reconciliation in Canada. During his visit, Moran paid a courtesy call at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Council of Indigenous Peoples and joined the Public Lecture Series: Truth and Reconciliation in Canada and Taiwan, a series of events at National Dong Hwa University(NDHU)in Hualien on March 25 and 26 organized by the NDHU Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA)and the Taiwan Presidential Office Indigenous Historical Justice and Transitional Justice Committee("the Indigenous Transitional Justice Committee"), featuring film screening and discussion, topical lectures, and indigenous tribal tours so as to encourage more in-depth conversation and room for future cooperation between Taiwan and Canada.

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Nordic Scholars Visited NDHU for Future Collaboration

The Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA)at National Dong Hwa University(NDHU)recently hosted a number of visiting scholars from Northern Europe.

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Indigenous Legal Rights and the Southbound Connection

CIIA Director Dr. Jolan Hsieh (Bavaragh Dagalomai, 謝若蘭), was invited as a speaker to the Borneo Rainforest Law Conference earlier this month. The conference was a phenomenal success with over 350 participants, all agreeing that the conference theme of Indigenous Rights is timely and important for both the region and around the world.

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NDHU Doctoral Student Presented at the International Conference

The biennial International Indigenous Research Conference (IIRC) and Ka Haka 2018 was held by Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, New Zealand's Māori Centre for Research Excellence (NPM / NZMCRE), in mid-November. Indigenous researchers from all parts of the world attended and shared their fruitful research and knowledge.

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An NDHU Team Experienced “Kāupapa Māori” through a Cultural Immersion Study Abroad Program

The College of Indigenous Studies (CIS) at the National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) in partnership with Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi (TWWoA) and Te Wānanga a Aotearoa (TWoA) organized a study abroad team to Aotearoa New Zealand in early November. This study abroad group had the specific learning objectives of gaining a Māori-centered immersion education experience, which included professors, staff, students, and future educators as members.

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The Community of Self - learning in Dong Hwa University Practicing Innovative Hand - writing Teaching

The self-learning community by Teaching for Excellence Project at National Dong Hwa University was grouped with a goal to create an encouraging environment for students to enhance their motivation to practice self-learning. This year, the Schoolwork Improvement Team was hosted by Wang, Zi-Yu and other students from the Department of Special Education. Lin, Guan-Jie, who is now studying in the M.A. Program of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, was invited as the instructor. Lin said that "the part-whole relation" was the core of the courses in this semester and the courses were innovated in three aspects:

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2018 Forum Series on Indigenous Education in Taiwan, Aotearoa and Australia

The Center for International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA) has been serving since its establishment in 2014 to dedicatedly and committedly promote academic cooperation between international and Taiwan's indigenous peoples. The CIIA, the Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures of the National Dong Hwa University and the Hualien Tribal College planned and held jointly the '2018 Forum Series on Indigenous Education in Taiwan, Aotearoa and Australia,' at the end of October. The 2-day forum became a huge success and yielded a fruitful discussion.

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Taiwan to Host WINHEC’s Annual General Meeting in 2019

The 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium (WINHEC) just ended this September. Since its inception in 2002, the WINHEC has been a crucial partner with those working on international indigenous higher education. Having been actively establishing contact and communication with the WINHEC over the past year or so, Professor Jolan Hsieh (Bavaragh Dagalomai / 謝若蘭) successfully regained the membership of the WINHEC and became the country representative.

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Canadian Lesson and Experience – NDHU Students Visit First Nations

In early October, Professor Jolan Hsieh(Bavaragh Dagalomai / 謝若蘭), Director of the Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA)led a group of students from College of Indigenous Studies to visit Canada for a two-week field research course. The group went to the traditional territory of the First Nations in Ontario and participated in the traditional Hall Harvest held by local indigenous communities and educational institutions. The group also attended the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning workshops co-hosted by University of Toronto to acquire the first-hand experience of integrating the indigenous knowledge system into different educational levels. Kulas Umo(谷拉斯.吾木), winner of the 2018 Dr. Y.T. LIN Scholarship(林又新博士紀念獎學金), said that he had been deeply impressed by the profound integration of various issues of the First Nations, such as fishing, hunting, education, contracting and so on, into everyday life and pedagogy.

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The Chinese language center from Dong Hwa University held a Cultural camp for international students

Chinese Language Center of National Dong Hwa University, in order to let foreign students of our school experience the beauty and diversity of different cultures, held a Cultural camp on October 13th. The activities including visiting Feng-Lin town, Principal's Dream Factory and forestry cultural park "Lin-Tian Shan", and also DIY cloth dying. For a sweet ending, students enjoyed ice cream at the Sugar Factory at Guang-Fu. We had 130 attendants from 21 countries including United States, France, Thailand, Vietnam, eSwatini, Guatemala, etc. When our students were getting ready to take the first group photo at Feng-Lin Hakka Cultural Museum, it seemed as if we were the miniature United Nations. We also receive warm welcoming from the other visitors and the local people there.

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