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The Chinese language center from Dong Hwa University held a Cultural camp for international students

Chinese Language Center of National Dong Hwa University, in order to let foreign students of our school experience the beauty and diversity of different cultures, held a Cultural camp on October 13th. The activities including visiting Feng-Lin town, Principal's Dream Factory and forestry cultural park "Lin-Tian Shan", and also DIY cloth dying. For a sweet ending, students enjoyed ice cream at the Sugar Factory at Guang-Fu. We had 130 attendants from 21 countries including United States, France, Thailand, Vietnam, eSwatini, Guatemala, etc. When our students were getting ready to take the first group photo at Feng-Lin Hakka Cultural Museum, it seemed as if we were the miniature United Nations. We also receive warm welcoming from the other visitors and the local people there.

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2018 Dr. Y.T. LIN Memorial Scholarship Recipients Announced!

Recipients of the 2018 Dr. Y.T. LIN Memorial Scholarship have been announced. The Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA)have announced the recipients of the 2018 Dr. Y.T. Lin Memorial Scholarship today(Sep. 20th 2018). The recipients are Kulas‧Umo(Amis)and Lregan Pakawyan(Pinuyumayan). Both are studying at the College of Indigenous Studies(CIS)at National Dong Hwa University(NDHU). Each recipient was awarded a certificate with a scholarship of NT$30,000(US$1,000).

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The Chinese Language Center of Dong Hwa University conducted a splendid ending for its Chinese Summer Camp

The Chinese Language center of National Dong Hwa University has committed to promote Chinese teaching, generating multiple Chinese courses. Besides starting a regular seasonal Chinese course, two Chinese camps were held on the last summer vacation 2018. On July 24th , the Chinese language center held the Chinese culture summer camp. After starting the camp, on July 3rd one more summer camp had been holding with an splendid ending on August 25th. On August 24th an fending ceremony was taking place where a mixed of feelings were among the participants, the sorrow of leaving, the excitement of finishing one more learning process and also not wanted to leave Taiwan just to mention a couple of them. The sound of their voices signing and with tears in their eyes, it could let anyone see the deep memories they will have forever.

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Te Ururoa Flavell as Te Taiurungi (CEO) of Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

Te Ururoa Flavell, former Māori Party co-leader has taken up the new role as Te Taiurungi (CEO) at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa (TWoA); one of Aotearoa – New Zealand's largest tertiary institutions. Flavell, who had been a secondary school principal and head of another whare wānanga before entering politics said his passion had always been in education and kaupapa Māori.

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Taiwan – Aotearoa, New Zealand Connection Project “He waka eke noa - We’re in this together”

Mr. Eddie Walker, Liaison for the Taiwan - Aotearoa New Zealand Connection project, visited Taiwan recently. Mr. Walker who has tribal affiliations with Ngati Kahu, Te Rarawa and Ngāpuhi, is a Digital Platform Architect at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa - one of the largest adult education institutions in New Zealand. He has been involved with many international indigenous groups such as North American Indigenous Peoples, Ainu of Japan, Peoples of Peru and Bolivia. He has kindly offered to help build similar reciprocal relationships with the indigenous peoples of Taiwan.

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Guarding indigenous peoples and traditional territory:A global solidarity effort

The Center for International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA) at NDHU invited Native American Director Myron Dewey (Newe-Numah/Paiute-Shoshone) and indigenous rights attorney Patrick Kincaid (Cheyenne) to Hualien for film screening and workship. Following the screening of Myron's directorial film Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock and a vibrant Q & A session, a socail gathering was hosted by CIIA for students, faculty members and community memebrs to continue and deepen the discussion about enviornmental justice issues.

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