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Austronesian Women,s Workshop: Participation in International Affairs

Indigenous women in Taiwan have achieved much success in international exchanges in professional fields such as academic research, arts and cultures as well social participation. On May 5th, 2018, the Center for International Indigenous Affairs hosted an 'Women in International Affairs Workshop: A Spring Celebrating of Austronesian Sisterhood', bringing together different generations of women working on various indigenous issues to speak about their experiences in dialogue with one another.

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Indigenous Peoples' Higher Education and New Zealand Connection

Given the demand for indigenous education against the backdrop of transitional justice, Pasuya Poiconu, Dean of the College of Indigenous Studies at National Dong Hwa University accepted a commission from Indigenous Peoples Council to assess the possibility of establishing the National Taiwan Indigenous University. This project consists of Sifo Lakaw (Pangcah), who in his role as the CEO of Hualien Indigenous Community College has built long-term connections with education institutes in New Zealand, as a research follow; Dr. Awi Mona (Seediq) and Dr. Cheng-hsien Yang, both with extensive research and practical experiences with education, as co-project investigators.

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Press Release for 'Austronesian Reconnection: Taiwan-Aotearoa Indigenous Education Forum'

The Center of International Indigenous Affairs (CIIA) affiliated with the College of Indigenous Studies (CIS) at National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) invited two Māori guests from New Zealand, Nepia Winiata, Executive Director of Education Delivery Services at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa (TWoA), and Dr. Te Kani Kingi, Executive Director of Research and Innovation at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi (TWWoA), to join a series of academic events for 'Austronesian Reconnection : Taiwan-Aotearoa Indigenous Education Forum' held from 12th to 15th December 2017.

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Penmanship Practicing Motivates Potential Development From Handwriting to Spiritual Enlightenment

The 1st Student Autonomous Group Learning Program, administered by the Center for Teaching Excellence, National Dong Hwa University, encourages students to learn and practice through multiple sources and channels outside regular courses. Sponsored by the Autonomous Learning Program, Guo, Yan-Jun from the Department of Sinophone Literatures and Xuan, Hao-Ping from the Department of Education and Human Potentials Development together with five more students started the ten-week intensive courses of Handwriting Practicing Program. The instructor, Lin, Guan-Jie, personally designed the courses and used his self-edited materials for instruction. Moreover, Professor Lee, Shew-Hua at the Department of Chinese and Chen, Tien-Chiu at the Department of Education and Human Potentials Development were invited as the course consultant.

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Press release for Taiwan-Aotearoa Connection Workshop

The Center of International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA)held the 'Taiwan-Aotearoa Connection' Workshop on Nov. 24th at the College of Indigenous Studies(CIS), NDHU. The workshop, hosted by Professor Pasuya Poiconx(浦忠成), Dean of CIS, was an occasion to showcase the fruitful results of the 'Taiwan-Aotearoa Connection: South-bound Indigenous Education' project.

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'TW-NZ Connection' Project

A team of the 'Taiwan-Aotearoa Connection' project, organized by the Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA), National Dong Hwa University(NDHU, TAIWAN), visited New Zealand from Oct. 27 - Nov. 7, 2017. This project is commissioned by the Ministry of Education under President Tsai's 'New South-Bound' policy to promote and deepen partnership between higher education institutes between Taiwan and New Zealand. Members of this team include faculty members, postdoctoral fellow, staff and PhD students of the College of Indigenous Studies(CIS).

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