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International Culture Show Performed at the Elementary School
2013-05-29 The full - English class "Introduction of Taiwan" is a course under general education which combines international and Taiwanese students to make cultural performance at the elementary school. ...   <Detail>
International Workshop for Taiwanese and Foreign Students to Share Their Cultures
2012-12-26 "The 2012 international workshop for NDHU students to visit Singapore" is held on December 14, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. In the workshop, 17 Taiwanese students who are minored in teacher education cultivation program are selected for overseas practicum in the winter vacation 2013, and 9 foreign students participate in this event with showcase of Indonesia, Mongolia, Poland, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Singapore, and Belize. ...   <Detail>
Material Sciences Professor Yen-Hsun Su's Research Featured on Cover of Applied Physics Letters
2012-10-26 In the film Avatar, the plants on Moon Pandora impressed the audience with their ability to glow and communicate. This might also be possible for the plants on Earth! As suggested in a recent study from the National Dong Hwa University, in plants' photosynthetic process in the natural world, optical signals can be transmitted between antenna dye molecules. ...   <Detail>
Physics Professor Yuan-Ron Ma and His Team Invited to Review Recent Developments of 1D Metal-Oxide Nanostructures in Advanced Functional Materials
2012-10-22 Yuan-Ron Ma, Professor of Physics at the National Dong Hwa University, with the research team he leads, has concentrated on the study of one-dimensional (1D) metal-oxide nanostructures in recent years and published papers in a few internationally renowned academic journals. ...   <Detail>
Shuttle Bus - It’s free  from April 14,2012 to June 24,2012 .
2012-04-13 In order to encourage teachers and students taking shuttle buses, the fare will be free from April 14th 2012 to June 24th 2012. The schedule and route are not changed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Huang of General Affairs Office at 03-863-2320 or ...   <Detail>
2012-02-03 My inauguration was originally scheduled for January 22nd, 2012. January 22nd is Chinese New Year's Eve. The date holds a special meaning to me. On January 27th 1987 (which was the Chinese New Year's Eve that year), twenty-five years ago, I discovered the YBCO high temperature superconductor in our lab in Huntsville, Alabama. This discovery changed my life. ...   <Detail>