<![CDATA[National Dong Hwa University - Announcement]]> utf-8 2019-08-17 13:51:59 2019-08-17 13:51:59 HeimaVista.com inc <![CDATA[The Central Weather Bureau Typhoon Watch Advisory #9【LEKIMA】]]> 2019-08-07 <![CDATA[Kayak experience camp V held on East Lake by PE Center, NDHU, 2019]]> 2019-07-25 <![CDATA[The Central Weather Bureau Typhoon Watch Advisory #5【DANAS】]]> 2019-07-17 <![CDATA[Basic Badminton-Wednesday class, continuing & extension course offered by Physical Education Center, 108-1 semester, 2019]]> 2019-07-02 <![CDATA[Free Piano Concert for International Students, 2019]]> 2019-07-02 <![CDATA[Windsurfing experience camp offered by PE Center, NDHU, 2019]]> 2019-06-26 <![CDATA[Opening time of Sports Gymnasium during summer vacation, 2019]]> 2019-06-24 <![CDATA[Reminder of traffic safety during summer vacation, 2019]]> 2019-06-24 <![CDATA[Announcement for Taroko 301 Bus schedule of summer vacation, 2019]]> 2019-06-24 <![CDATA[Adjusted Garbage Collection Schedule for the Summer Vacation from 6/26 Wednesday to 9/5 Thursday, 2019]]> 2019-06-21 <![CDATA[Services Schedule of the NDHU Restaurants and shops during Summer Vacation 6/22-9/8, 2019]]> 2019-06-21 <![CDATA[2019 Announcement about the scrapped item During the summer vacation]]> 2019-06-20 <![CDATA[2019 Library summer vacation opening hours.]]> 2019-06-20 <![CDATA[Announcement about the Garbage Collection Schedule on 6/19 Wednesday]]> 2019-06-17 <![CDATA[Summer vacation's preferential loan period]]> 2019-06-14 <![CDATA[[Library NOTICE] Library Extended Opening Hours for Study and Exam Periods.]]> 2019-06-14 <![CDATA[The computer lab one will be closed on June 07-09, 2019.]]> 2019-06-06 <![CDATA[【Vehicle Parking】Please park in accordance with the instruction at Zhixue station.]]> 2019-06-06 <![CDATA[Notice on physical fitness test held by PE Center of 107-2 semester ]]> 2019-06-03 <![CDATA[【Student Dormitory】Important Information for Dormitory Closing, 2018-2019 Academic Year]]> 2019-05-28