<![CDATA[National Dong Hwa University - Announcement]]> utf-8 2019-11-15 06:47:13 2019-11-15 06:47:13 HeimaVista.com inc <![CDATA[【Invitation】The Concert of Wind Ensemble 18:00-20:30 on Nov 29th(Fri),2019.]]> 2019-11-13 <![CDATA[2019 International Culture Night]]> 2019-11-11 <![CDATA[Once a year, the competition that we have been waiting for it is already here: Chinese singing contest 2019 - The best talented singers in NDHU!]]> 2019-11-08 <![CDATA[Program of Sports Meet 2019]]> 2019-11-07 <![CDATA[Library Announcement–Library will be Closed on Nov 12, 2019]]> 2019-11-07 <![CDATA[In order to maintain the tranquility and the quality of accommodation in the dormitory area at night, please do not make loud noise and do keep your voice down while conducting night activities]]> 2019-11-05 <![CDATA[Cordially invite our superiors, distinguished guests, professors and faculty to attend opening ceremony of Sports Meet 2019 in celebration of Dong Hwa’s 25 anniversary]]> 2019-11-05 <![CDATA[Mid-term teaching feedback]]> 2019-10-29 <![CDATA[Origin, Reasoning & Justification of Indigenous Rights: Canadian Experience and Its Implications for Taiwan]]> 2019-10-29 <![CDATA[Lists of Student Club Activities in Nov 2019.]]> 2019-10-29 <![CDATA[Library Extended Opening Hours for Study and Exam Periods.]]> 2019-10-29 <![CDATA[Smoking or tossing cigarette butts is not allowed around any parking lot to avoid causing environmental pollution and endangering public security!!]]> 2019-10-27 <![CDATA[Meeting with the President]]> 2019-10-26 <![CDATA[【Bus Information】How to Get to Hospitals in Hualien City by Bus]]> 2019-10-22 <![CDATA[School Administrative-affair System Upgrade and Maintenance]]> 2019-10-21 <![CDATA[Dr. Fatma Kourim (Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica): ICDP_Expedition 807:Journey from the Earth's crust to the Earth's mantle]]> 2019-10-21 <![CDATA[Act of Giving – Global University Itinerant Exhibition No.10 Site in NDHU]]> 2019-10-17 <![CDATA[Kayak experience camp IX held on East Lake by PE Center, NDHU, Oct.19.2019]]> 2019-10-16 <![CDATA[【Safety Reminder】The maximum speed is 30 kms/hr on campus, please slow down and drive carefully.]]> 2019-10-16 <![CDATA[2019 School Anniversary Celebration Activity Registration till 11/01(Fri)]]> 2019-10-14