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2022 Ms. Fumei Wu Scholarship Team Announcement!Contribution of International Indigenous Global Networking

As the world started opening their borders after the global pandemic, the Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA)of National Dong Hwa University(NDHU), which focuses on actively promoting international exchange, recently travelled abroad to participate in two major international conferences - the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium(WINHEC)held in Minnesota, USA, and the World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Education(WIPCE)held in Adelaide, Australia.

Inspiring Field Trip in India by The Department of International Business, National Dong Hwa University

The Department of International Business, National Dong Hwa University(abbreviated as Dept. of IB henceforth), under the leadership of Associate Professor Mohammad Shadab Khalil of the Dept. of IB, embarked on a field trip to India from December 9th to December 15th 2022. This field trip was to visit India, allowing students to experience firsthand the local culture of India and to learn about the cross-country management practices.