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International Workshop for Global Indigenous Peoples Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development

The Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA) in the College of Indigenous Studies, National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan, led a Regional Gathering of the Native American Indigenous Studies Association(NAISA), from April 22-25, on Pongso no Tao(Lanyu/Orchid Island). Juried and awarded by the international NAISA Council, the CIIA event was one of eight global gatherings, and the only one held in Asia. The Regional Gathering was co-conceived by CIIA Director Dr. Jolan Hsieh(Bavaragh Dagalomai) and the Visiting Scholar Dr. Dana Powell. The event is an integral part of Hsieh and Powell's 2021-2022 Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) Instructional Research Award - The Global Connection and Collaborative : Indigenous Peoples and Sustainable Development.

The first international master graduate from TRLS, NDHU won the first prize of SUPER FAN of Taiwan in Thailand on Apr. 9, 2022

Miss Arada Mahasawin(also known as Neem), the first international master graduate from the Department of Tourism, Recreation, and Leisure Studies, National Dong Hwa University won the first prize in the "SUPER FAN of Taiwan" event in Thailand on Apr. 9, 2022. The first prize included the round-trip ticket from Bangkok to Taiwan of Starlux Airlines(worth 22,250 THB), cash 5,000 THB, and the limited edition of Easy Card(with 888 NTD).

The Ph.D. Program in Asia-Pacific Regional Studies, College of Human and Social Sciences, National Dong Hwa University held a warm Christmas Party

On the evening of December 23rd, the Ph.D. Program in Asia-Pacific Regional Studies, College of Human and Social Sciences, National Dong Hwa University held a warm Christmas Party. The doctoral students and professors of the program were invited to participate in and share together about academics and campus life in a warm atmosphere.

National Dong Hwa University - The Ph.D. Program in Asia - Pacific Regional Studies Field trip to Fenglin - Hakka Township

The Ph.D. Program in Asia-Pacific Regional Studies - National Dong Hwa University, under supervision by the director, Professor Wang, Hurng-Jyuhn together with a total of 10 international students, from 5 different countries in the program had a field trip as a part of Research Methods of Social Science Studies to Fenglin Township, Hualien on November 30th, 2021.

2021 Pan-Pacific University League Alliance Conference:National Taiwan Ocean University joins as its newest member

The annual Pan-Pacific University League Alliance Conference meeting was held on October 22nd 2021 at the Lakeshore Hotel, organized by the National Dong Hwa University(NDHU). President Han-Chieh Chao said that it was rare in recent years for a meeting to be attended by all of the Presidents of the Alliance Universities, with the reason being to welcome the new Alliance member, the National Taiwan Ocean University(NTOU). President Hsu Tai-Wen from the NTOU said that by joining the Alliance they can be part of a larger team and each member can bring their own areas of individual expertise to help develop new projects for the benefit of all. President Hsu then presented gifts of health care products which NTOU developed to the Alliance's Presidents.

Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Day Two Elders received the Order of the Circle of Elders of Indigenous Wisdom Honors

Center for International Indigenous Affairs(CIIA)congradulate Pan Wan-Chin and Aing Banday for achieving the "The Order of the Circle of Elders of Indigenous Wisdom" for 2021 from The World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium(WINHEC)

Critical Learning with Social Responsibility - NDHU Indigenous Community - Based Action Learning Workshop

In response to the Ministry of Education's Higher Education project called SPROUT (Sustained Progress and Rise of Universities in Taiwan 高教深耕) the National Dong Hwa University's (NDHU) College of Indigenous Peoples (CIS) is leading a project called College - Indigenous Communities Alliance (部落結盟) , which serves CIS's missions and goals to students and indigenous communities. Professors Jolan HSIEH (Bavaragh Dagalomai謝若蘭) and CHEN Yi-feng (陳毅峰) has planned and arranged two critical learning field trips for their doctoral students in the Fall semester of 2020 for this project. The critical leaning field trips are for engaging doctoral students' to connect academic theories to indigenous knowledge and critical issues.

Indigenous Research Collaboration Workshop and Call for Proposal

Over the last 6 months, COVID-19 had made a huge impact on most people's lives; it also creates an opportunity for nature to recover. A few months after the beginning of the epidemic, many rare wild animal species reappear, including whale sharks, which was seen not long ago at the open sea near Taiwan.